Our greatest editor got elected to attend an engineering and technology forum in New Zealand next week! Congrats, Jarvier! We know you’re awesome 😎 

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Speakers: Alyea Pierce, James Wightman, and Doug Melville—Chief Diversity Officer at TBWA.
This event was hosted by the CEO club at NYIT.

This is some of what we experienced last weekend at Art Expo New York 2014

Oh New York City.

Did you ever wonder what a pillow fight in New York City would be like?

If you see a bunch of food trucks lining up at the most visited places in New York City that could mean only one thing: Summer is almost here!
The Hang NY was at Xandernation’s party on the Manhattan Bridge last summer! Are you guys ready for Summer 2014? It’s never a dull moment in the greatest city in the world!
Our Director of Social Media having fun with photographer Barbara Moore at this weekend’s Art Expo NY